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Karen Amara, Founder

Karen Amara, founder

Karen Amara, founder

BJO Amara Association was set up in 2016 by founder Karen Amara.  It was a direct response to her father’s passing.  On returning to Sierra Leone for his funeral she was blown away by the amount of people who attended.  Each had a story of how her father had helped them.

Karen tried to continue her father’s legacy, but she was soon broke and feeling burn out.  She started this charity to continue the work ‘giving to her community’.

In her community of birth – Freetown, Sierra Leone the charity pays school fees and gives seed grants to struggling families.  The charity also made contributions to the land slide disaster as well as the ebola outbreak.  The intention is to begin skill building activities to create jobs and opportunities as well as eventually open a school.

In her community of residence – Glasgow the charity runs a food bank, holiday food club and has started its programme of skill building. The aim is to increase the wellbeing of the local community by providing for their subsistence also involving them in fun activities, which promote healthy living, both physically and mentally.

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